Richard Hodge

Creative Director

Richard Hodge was born in an aviation family and spent much of his time at airports and aviation events. Owner and founder of E-Sense Design, with over 10 years experience in branding and visual communications, Richard founded Wings Marketing with the vision of combining his experience in the design business with his exposure to aviation. As of July 2007 he earned his wings as a newly minted private pilot and actively rents in the Fort Lauderdale area. His passion? Sharing the beauty of flight with friends and family.

Nathalia Hodge

Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive
Nathalia Hodge has a wealth of marketing knowledge following her tenure in the real estate business as well account executive for E-sense Design. Nathalia is responsible for daily operations, vendor relations and Customer Service.

The Wings Team

Wings Marketing counts with a team of graphic artists & database/software developers, combining experience and talent to ensure your branding and advertising needs are met with satisfaction.


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